Borzoi Canada congratulates these Borzoi and their owners, breeders and handlers:

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CONFORMATION STANDINGS (all-breed competition):

GCh. Kishniga's Millenium Gal (F) 116 points
Owner: Janet Sutcliffe

Kishniga's Diamond Pavlova (F) 46 points

Ch. Borscana English Electric Lightning

Ch. Borscana English Electric Lightning (M) 36 points
Owner: Merla Thomson

Ch. Kishniga's Diamond Lopitkina (F) 26 points
Owner: Annette Marie Stokes & Dr. Richard Meen


GCh Nicolas II-de-Russie du Grand Fresnoy (M) 17 points
Owner: Karen Fasciano

Ch Elance Sylvan Sparrow

Ch. Elance Sylvan Sparrow (F) 4 points
Owner: Cherie Hunchak

 GCh Nylucha's Candy Carnivale

GCh Nylucha's Candy Carnivale (F) 3 points
Owner: Lisa and Alanna Miceli

Rudolf Valentino du Grand Fresnoy (M) 3 points
Owner: Karen Fasciano

Elista's Heart Song

Elista's Heart Song (F) 3 points
Owners: Nevidka Algu and Judy Carleton

Kinobi Overachiever at Norjon
Ch. Kinobi Overachiever at Norjon, TT, CGN, PCD, RI (F) 3 points
Owner: Norma Reid


Elista's Cross My Heart

#1 - 78 pts
Kohl - Elista's Cross My Heart
Owner: Judy Carleton


Ch. Justart Riot Act

#2 - 76 pts
Rowdy - Ch. Justart Riot Act
Owner: Ken Cook


Borscana English Electric Lightning
#3 - 49 pts
Pilot - Borscana English Electric Lightning
Owners: Merla Thomson & Irina Girchenko

#4 - 24 pts
Walker - Wolfwoods Spirit Walker
Owner: Robyn Holowach


Elance Sylvan Sparrow
#5 - 16 pts
Sparrow - Elance Sylvan Sparrow
Owner: Cherie Hunchak

Konza-Plum Creek Countach
#5 - 16 pts
Aurum - Konza Plum Creek Countach
Owners: Dmitri Luchianov & Catherin Valendez

Elance Moonstone

#6 - 12 pts
Bishop - Ch. Elance Moonstone
Owners: Robert Shaw & Susan Shaw



Elista's Heart Song
#7 - 6 pts
Mila - Elista's Heart Song
Owners: Nevidka Algu and Judy Carleton

#8 - 4 pts
Jasper - Elista's Joyful Heart
Owner: Jonathan Slade