Ontario, Canada

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Sweepstakes Judge: Pamela Hall, New York State

Borzoi Canada 2003 National Best in Puppy SweepstakesBest in Puppy Sweepstakes
Auroral's Avalanche
Owners/Breeders: Jon & Jennifer Steele
(Auroral's Marathon - Ch. Auroral's Courvoisier)


Borzoi Canada 2003 National Best in Veteran SweepstakesBest in Veteran Sweepstakes / Specialty Award of Merit / Best Veteran
Ch. Blackmoor Dust In The Wind
Owner: Ameera & Raphael Finkelstein
Breeders: K. & C. Shepard & Mary Mazur
(Ch. P.O.S.H. Echovesna's Islaev - Ch. Kishniga Harvester Tuppence)

Specialty Judge: Michael Canalizo, New York State

Borzoi Canada 2001 National Best of BreedBest of Breed / Best of Winners / Winners Bitch
Kyrov Kinobi Dancing Star
Owners: Rebecca Peters-Campbell
Breeders: A. Sorbie, Sara Whittington, Wayne Rowe
(Attaway Shooting Star Creset - Rising Star's Ivanna)

Borzoi Canada 2001 National Best of Opposite SexBest of Opposite
Ch. Abidjan's Mystic Moondance
Owner: Cathy & Edward Nasierowski
Breeders: C. Nasierowski, Denise & Charles Hamilton
(Ch. Majenkir Timotheus Seven - Ch. Steppeland Katrina of Abidjan)

Borzoi Canada 2001 National Award of MeritAward of Merit
Ch. Carousel's Shuvee
Owner/Breeder: Maryann Conran
(Abidjan's Kissthe Sky - Ch. Carousel's American Beauty)

Borzoi Canada National Winners DogWinners Dog
Aviann Quickstrike
Owner/Breeder: Viann Clements
(Aviann Wraithmakers Jest - Aviann Realia Aviann)

Borzoi Canada National Reserve Winners DogReserve Winners Dog
Am. Ch. Echovesna's Zorro
Owner:/Breeder: Harriet Goldner
(Am. Ch. Blackmoor Echovesna Tristan - Am Ch. Echovesna's Trusted Legacy

Borzoi Canada National Reserve Winners BitchReserve Winners Bitch / Best Puppy
Lythe Sea of Dreams
Owner: Caroline Thibodeau
Breeder: Melanie Richards
(Ch. Greyhaven Mahogany Trinrose - Ch. Stillwater Cool Water)