The Borzoi Canada Rescue Service is available to offer assistance to Borzoi who have been found wandering, surrendered, abandoned or presently in a situation that requires them to be re-homed.

Depending on the circumstances, every effort will be made to locate the dog's Owner or Breeder. If this is not possible, attempts to find a suitable home will be made through a network of Borzoi Canada Regional Directors and Club Members. If required, the Rescue Coordinator will assist in locating foster care until a new home can be found.

Borzoi are loving and loyal companions, but they are not the breed for everyone. It is important for an adopting family to be fully aware of the temperament and specific needs of this noble breed. Before deciding to adopt a Borzoi, potential owners are encouraged to view the breed information provided on the Borzoi Canada Website. Taking the time to talk to Breeders and Owners can also be of great assistance because they can provide first hand knowledge of what it is like to live with Borzoi.

Prior to being placed in a new home, the individual dog's temperament and personality will be taken into consideration to ensure the placement will be successful. All rescues placed must be spayed or neutered.

Adoption Applications and a list of people who are willing to provide foster care will be held for future reference.

Please feel free to contact the Rescue Coordinator if you have any questions or require assistance.

Pam Calver
Borzoi Canada Rescue Coordinator
P. O. Box 222
Odessa, Ontario
K0H 2H0

E-mail address:

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