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Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Craig Watt (Chesley, Ontario)

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes
Abidjan's Kissthesky
Owners/Breeders: C.A. Nasierowski and D. and C. Hamilton
(Ch. Abidjan's Iz He Blue - Ch. Steppeland Katerina of Abidjan)

Specialty Judge: Mr. Roger Heap, Rae Borzoi (United Kingdom)

Best in Specialty Show
Tamarzi Lord Oliver Grfalcon
Owners/Breeders: Tammy and Marilynn Lockhart
(Stillwater Jerusalem Ridge - Ch. B-Sky's Arielle Nikole)

Best of Opposite Sex / Best of Winners / Winners Bitch
Steppeland's Kapriz
Owners/Breeders: Denise and Charles Hamilton
(Am. Ch. Abidjan's Heartbreaker - Can. Am. Ch. Laba's Steppelands Oh My Rexana)

Borzoi Club of Ontario 1995 Winners DogWinners Dog
Meyta's Dostoyevski
Owner: Jim Sillers
Breeder: Jim Sillers
(Am. Can. Ch. Ljudmilla's Akimkrylataja Ljoebov - Seabury's Sontse Vicktoria)

Reserve Winners Dog
Auroral's Tintagel
Owners/Breeders: Jon and Jennifer Steele
(Am. Ch. Bokhara's Freeflight Dandy - Eng. Ch. Colugh Cuddles)

Borzoi Club of Ontario 1995 Reserve Winners BitchReserve Winners Bitch
Am. Ch. Nonsuch Phoebe
Owners: Kalen M. Dumke and Karen A. Dumke
Breeders: Kalen M. Dumke and Karen A. Dumke
(Am. Ch. Nonsuch The Talisman - Am. Ch. Falkenar Sunbarr Scandal)

Borzoi Club of Ontario 1995 Best PuppyBest Puppy
Auroral's Courvoisier
Owners: Jon and Jennifer Steele
Breeders: Jon and Jennifer Steele
(Can. Am. Ch. Rising Star Danilov O'Sunbarr JC - Can. Am. Ch. Bokhara's Wind Falcon)