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Membership in Borzoi Canada is $35 annually for a single membership or $50 for a family membership and includes a quarterly newsletter plus access to any "members only" information on the Borzoi Canada website. The family membership allows for 2 votes per family. You must agree to the Borzoi Canada Code of Ethics in order to become a member.

An Associate Membership is $20 annually. New applicants, upon approval, shall have Associate membership status for a period of one year.  They will receive the Association newsletter but will not have the right to vote on issues brought before the general membership, nor to hold office. Associate Memberships are for those individuals who have never been a member of Borzoi Canada. This Membership Status is only for one year, after which if the application is passed the Associate Member would be able to purchase a Regular Membership in their second year.

Borzoi Canada Code of Ethics (Revised 2017)

1.  Borzoi Canada members are first and foremost, caretakers of the Borzoi, promoting the breed through everyday activities, as well as conformation, obedience, lure coursing, rally and at other CKC recognized canine activities.

2. Borzoi Canada members will represent their club honourably. Members will treat everyone and their dogs with dignity and respect and in a manner that reflects favourably upon them and the Association. They will not engage in intentionally making misleading/false statements against other dog owners/breeders/exhibitors, or against Borzoi Canada/CKC, or their members.

3. Borzoi Canada members will use integrity in all advertising. Misleading or unfounded statements will not be tolerated.

4. Borzoi Canada members will maintain the health and well-being of their dog(s), including but not limited to the following: any, and all required or regular veterinary treatments; access to fresh water; feed in sufficient amounts to ensure health, proper weight and vitality; housing sufficient to ward off the elements in all seasons; and appropriate age/health related exercise, training and socialization.

5. Education is a core value of Borzoi Canada. Members will provide prospective owners, and the public at large, with information about the pros and cons of owning a Borzoi. Correct and unbiased information about Borzoi will ensure that prospective owners can make informed decisions as to the appropriateness of including a Borzoi in their family.

6. a) Borzoi Canada members choosing to breed Borzoi will ensure all puppies are registered with the CKC according to CKC guidelines and regulations. It is recommended that members screen their potential puppy buyers, and provide advice on the care and well-being of their puppy. Borzoi Canada recommends breeders provide a written contract, clearly outlining the terms, expectations, and responsibilities of all parties involved, and stating what the breeder will offer/provide in on-going support to owners.

6. b) Members will operate under full disclosure in the placing of all Borzoi. If a Borzoi has physical, health or temperament issues which would then prevent it from being used in a breeding programme, it shall be placed on a CKC Non-breeding agreement, altered, or both. Breeders must provide the new owner(s) with the CKC registration certificate in a timely manner in accordance with the CKC rules and regulations and must not charge the new owner for said certificate. The breeder will also provide the new owner(s) with a pedigree for the puppy.

7. Borzoi Canada members will be responsible for the puppies they produce. Should a situation arise wherein a Borzoi requires re-homing, the breeder of that dog should take it back or assist the owner in re-homing it. Borzoi Canada Rescue will assist in finding an appropriate home if the breeder is in need.

8. Borzoi Canada members will not knowingly sell their puppies to a commercial distributor (e.g., pet store or dog broker), nor allow a dog or puppy to be given away as a prize, nor will they engage in, or encourage breeding merely as a source of income or profit.


9. a) All attempts should be made to ensure that the breeder has the time, means and facilities to provide proper care and attention for the physical and emotional development of the ensuing puppies and the health of the dam.

9. b) Bitches should not be bred on their first heat cycle and it is recommended that they not be bred before two years of age. It is further recommended that bitches not have two litters within a rolling twelve month period.  If such a breeding is undertaken and a bitch has litters from successive heat cycles, she should not be bred on the next heat cycle. In either case, veterinary supervision is strongly recommended to ensure proper physical condition of the bitch before, during and after whelping. 

9. c) Breeders will not breed Borzoi with defects that may cause them, or their offspring, pain and suffering. No Borzoi exhibiting debilitating health defects or unsound temperament shall be used for breeding. Dogs should not be bred prior to being certified healthy through certified health testing by a veterinarian accredited in the specific discipline. All breeding should be planned with the goal to be the improvement of the breed. Breeders will be familiar with the Breed Standard and will do everything in their power to discourage breeding from clearly inferior specimens of the breed.

9. d) It is highly recommended that all breeding stock be tested for the presence of degenerative disease. Based on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals the recommendations for Borzoi are:

• Eye examination by a board certified ACVO ophthalmologist
• Autoimmune thyroiditis
• Congenital Cardiac disease
• Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
• Hip Dysplasia (optional)
• Elbow Dysplasia (optional).

9. e) Breeders will not knowingly misrepresent their puppy's potential nor place any puppy prior to 8 weeks of age.  All puppies must be examined by a veterinarian prior to placement and a record of that vet check, along with its de-worming and inoculation record, must accompany the puppy at placement. 

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