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Membership in Borzoi Canada is $35 annually for a single membership or $50 for a family membership and includes a quarterly newsletter plus access to any "members only" information on the Borzoi Canada website. The family membership allows for 2 votes per family. You must agree to the Borzoi Canada Code of Ethics in order to become a member.

Borzoi Canada Code of Ethics

I will support my club to the best of my ability and treat everyone and their dogs with a dignity and respect that reflects favorably upon myself and my club.

I will breed in accordance with the Canadian Kennel Club standards, rules and regulations to attempt to better the breed.

I will try, as much as possible, to control the breeding of all stock, sold or otherwise. I will not supply stock to wholesalers, retailers, or for raffles.

I will explain to all newcomers to the breed, the pros and cons of owning and breeding Borzoi.

I will never sell nor give away a breedable animal that is unhealthy or genetically unsound, either physically or mentally.

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1 year single membership - $35 

1 year family membership - $50

You must agree to the Code of Ethics before you can proceed to payment:

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