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Sweepstakes Judge: Ms. Pat Yates (Markham, Ontario)

Borzoi Club of Ontario 1990 Best in Puppy SweepsBest in Puppy Sweepstakes
Seabury's Chrisma
Owner: Jim Sillers
Breeder: Jim Sillers
(Am. Can. Ch. Ljudmilla's Akimkrylataja Ljoebov - Seabury's Sontse Vicktoria)

Specialty Judge:
Mrs. Anne Clark (Markham, Ontario)

Best in Specialty Show
Ch. Laba's Nordic O'Shayle, TT
Owner: Karen Fasciano
Breeder: F.L. and B.A. Allewell
(Ch. Laba's Glava - Laba's Kleo)

Best of Opposite Sex / Winners Bitch
Elmden's Fern
Owners: Brenda Hadden and Tytler
Breeders: Brenda Ann Hadden
(Ch. Elmden's Cavalier - Elmden's Stellar Zoe of Stoneledge)

Best of Winners / Winners Dog
Insight's Greystoke of Elmden
Owner: Wayne Miller
Breeder: Brenda Hadden
(Ch. Elmden's Cavalier - Ch. Ruoff's Cameo Blue)

Reserve Winners Dog
Duchenka's Winds of Change
Owner: Tom and Miesje Cremasco
Breeders: Mr. and Mrs. F. Dewsbury
(Ch. Hajak V.. Triumfus Dyonisos - Duchenka's Curtain)

Borzoi Club of Ontario 1990 Reserve Winners BitchReserve Winners Bitch
Insight's Elbereth Githoniel
Owners: Wayne Miller and John Hieter
Breeder: Wayne Miller
(Ch. Insight's Cujo Karatai - Ch. Ruoff's Cameo Blue)

Best Puppy
Bordonsky Shopia V.D. Ruhr
Owner: Craig Watt
Breeder: Gary Rowsell
(Ch. Bordonsky Barich of Kuybyshen, T.T. - Ch. Bordonsky Bergendal Katerina)