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All About Borzoi - The Borzoi Club of Northern California, Inc, 1968
Being Borzoi - collection of personal Borzoi stories (first volume)
Borzoi - Winnifred Chadwick, Kingsprint Limited, 1971 and 1977
Forever Borzoi - personal Borzoi stories (second volume)
How to Raise and Train a Borzoi - Gail Roberts, TFH Publishing, 1964
Hutchinson on Sighthounds - Walter Hutchinson, Hoflin, 1976 (reprint)
Life with Borzoi - Phydelma Gillette, Hoflin, 1977
Observations on Borzoi - Joseph B. Thomas, 1976 (reprint)
Pile of Puppies - Audrey Mulligan, Xciting Ideas, 2003
Riders of the Wind - Mary Taviner, reprinted by Riders of the Wind
The Complete Borzoi - Lorraine Groshans, Howell Book House, 1981
The Borzoi - The Borzoi Club of America, Inc., 1973
The Borzoi - John Gordon, ARCO, 1974
The Borzoi - Stedman Chumway Hanks, Hoflin, 1977 (reprint)
The Borzoi as I Know It - Arthur Craven, Hoflin, 1977 (reprint)
The Life and Legends of the Borzoi - Eileen Worthing, Hoflin 1977
The Russian Wolfhound - Nellie L. Martin, Hoflin, 1977 (reprint)
Writings on Borzoi - Melanie Richards, Mermaid Tavern Press, 2004.
Your Borzoi - Alfred W. Edlin, Denlinger, 1976

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