Borzoi Canada is the national breed club for Borzoi in Canada. A national specialty is held each year, rotating from east to west. Traditionally it has been maintained in the areas of the largest populations of Borzoi and their people, namely Alberta and Ontario.

The Borzoi Canada 2018 National Specialty
will be held at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta
in association with the Alberta Kennel Club all breed show.

Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Ken Cook - Swiftess Borzoi, CANADA
Regular/Non-regular classes Judge: Mr. Franiciso Chapa, MEXICO

This year we are honoured to have an esteemed international sighthound expert from Mexico. Mr. Chapa is respected world-wide and we are thrilled to have him. In addition, we have a long-time Borzoi breeder for our Sweepstakes. Ken has been breeding Borzoi since the 1970s and brings a wealth of knowledge to our Specialty. You will be glad you joined us!

This is a huge event, with a plethora of breed and group specialties, special performance events and incredible vendors, all on the grounds of the stunning world-famous Spruce Meadows Equestrian Park. We will also have another wonderful specialty-evening dinner - don’t miss out!

Sweepstakes Judge: Ken Cook, Edmonton, Alberta

Borzoi Canada 2017 National Specialty Judge Kay Sneath“Swiftess” Borzoi was started in 1974 with a rescue from the SPCA, “Alexia”. Like a good number of enthusiast,s my first Borzoi was put through every form of event that was available including scent hurdle racing and trialing her at the utility dog level. While there has not been a litter at Swiftess for some time, I am proud to say that Swiftess remains a strong influence in a few well-known kennels. I have also owned and exhibited Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Afghan Hounds, Whippets and even a Rottweiler. A founding member of ALCA, I became a lure coursing judge early on in the CKC’s involvement in the sport. Later I became a CKC-licensed conformation judge for the hound group. Judging specialties was extremely gratifying but to survive in Canada as a judge it was necessary to move on to judge breeds I would never be qualified to judge. I resigned from CKC judging because of this. In the last decade I have focused on exhibiting exceptional dogs to the fancy. The result has been winning many specialties and twice having the top-winning Hound in Canada.

Other events

• Alberta Sporting Hound Assocation - Group Two (August 3rd)
• Foothills Gazehound Club (August 5th)
• Alberta Kennel Club All Breed (August 3rd - 6th) – four days of shows, check the Alberta Kennel Club website for details
• Health Testing to be confirmed.

In order to have great Borzoi specialties, support and sponsorships for prizes or the general funds are needed. Your donation to the Borzoi Canada National Specialty will be noted in the show catalogue, $50 sponsors a class or any amount for the general fund .

The 2018 Borzoi Canada AGM will also be held at this show weekend. Details and time to be announced.