There are lots of activities for Borzoi to get involved with. The most important thing to remember is that these activities are designed to encourage the development of the canine-human bond, and to enhance the Borzoi's natural abilities and instincts - not just for points or titles. Make sure that whatever your Borzoi is involved in is safe and that you are having fun with your special hound!
Lure coursing

CKC Field Trials are open to all Sighthounds. At these trials, the sighthounds chase white plastic bags operated on a motorized lure which simulate a bunny. Sighthounds are judged in five categories: overall ability, follow, speed, agility, and endurance, and can attain titles and placings at these events. More information here.

Open Field Coursing

The National Open Field Coursing Association (NOFCA) is an organization of sighthound fanciers dedicated to preserving the natural beauty, grace, speed, desire and coursing skills inherent in the sighthound. To this end, NOFCA has established a system to offer competitive hunts which allow the sighthounds to demonstrate that they can perform the functions for which they were originally bred. These hunts involve live game. More information here.

Conformation Shows

At Canadian Kennel Club Conformation Shows each individual dog is judged against a breed standard to determine which dog most closely represents "ideal". Dogs are awarded points depending on the number of dogs that they defeat. In Canada when a dog aquires 10 points (under two judges, and defeating more than one other dog) they are awarded a Conformation Championship. In 1977 a Borzoi was the #1 Conformation dog in Canada and in 1972 a Borzoi was the #4 Conformation dog in Canada. More information on conformation shows here.

Obedience Trials

Canadian Kennel Club Obedience Trials include three levels of Obedience: Novice, Open, and Utility. Each handler/dog team must attain a level of competance in the performance of a predetermined set of exercises to qualify. When a dog has successfully attained 3 "legs" or qualifying scores at a certain level, they are awarded a title from the CKC and are eligible to move up to the next level. In 1982 a Borzoi was the Top Obedience Dog (all-breeds) in Canada. More information on obedience trials here.


A very fast paced sport in which a teams of dogs must race (one at a time) over several jumps, grab a ball from a "flyball box" and race back over the jumps. When one dog recrosses the start line the next dog is released. Flyball tournaments consist of various divisions where equally seeded teams race against each other for points and placements. There are several Flyball titled Borzoi. More information here.

Scent Hurdling

Similar to Flyball except that in Scent Hurdling the dog must find their own dumbell from among their teammates' dumbells at the end of the jumps (instead of a "flyball box"). Scent Hurding is recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (Flyball is not) and titles and placements are available. Scent Hurdling currently takes place almost exclusively in Western Canada.


A competitive sport in which a handler directs his dog over an obstacle course. Obstacles may include tunnels, dogwalks, jumps, teeter-tooters, tire jumps, A-frames, and weave polls. The dog/handler performance is timed and a qualifying round must be performed under a certain number of faults (knockdowns, run-outs etc.) and under the time allowed. There are various levels of agility and various sponsoring organizations that provide titles to successful teams. More information here.

Canine Good Neighbour Program

A CKC test to demonstrate that the dog is a good companion animal, with enough training to be a respected member of the community. There are several tests that the dog must pass, such as the acceptance of a "friendy" stranger petting them. More information here.


Tracking allows each dog to show off their natural instinct for tracking a scented trail. Sighthounds are very capable of attaining tracking titles and many have done so. There are different levels of competition and degrees of difficulty (time that the track has aged, number of turns...). CKC titles are awarded for successful completion of each level. More information here.


These dogs can help people just by visiting with them in institutions or hospitals. Dogs can also become certified as "Therapy Dogs". More information here.