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Our new Life Members:

Bruce & Pat Ingram have been continuous members of Borzoi Canada for 35 years. Pat held the position of Club President for 10 years. During that time the club hosted the very successful 1995 Borzoi International Conference in Calgary. She has also held other positions on the club’s Executive during her time as a club member. Pat and Bruce have been involved in organizing club specialty shows, field trials and lure coursing trials over the years. Pat is a licenced all-breed lure coursing judge in Canada and has also judged AKC and ASFA events. They acquired their first Borzoi in 1977 and their kennel name “ Rimouski “ was officially registered with the CKC in 1980.

Rita Walker has been a continuous member of Borzoi Canada for 35 years. She has held the position of club President for three consecutive terms starting in 1996 and has also held the positions of Provincial Director for Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario. She initiated and completed the official Borzoi Canada-produced 3-fold handout brochure on the breed and the 1999 Borzoi Canada yearbook and partnered with the Borzoi Club of America in launching the Borzoi Connection Magazine. She has also organized the 1999 and 2005 National Specialties. Rita was involved in the planning and organization of the International Borzoi Council Conference held in Calgary in 1995. She held the position of Dogs in Canada Borzoi Breedlines columnist from 1996 until the magazine ceased print publication. She acquired her first Borzoi in 1976, applied for her kennel name in 1980 and was granted permanent registration of the kennel name “Jantar“ in 1988. Dogs carrying the Jantar prefix have won Specialties, BIS, BIF and other performance events and a number have become top producers and ROM-Cs. Rita is now licensed by the CKC as an all-breed judge and has judged in Canada, the US and overseas as well as at a number of Borzoi and sighthound specialties.